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546 East 3rd Street

The elegance of an antique property with new modern features and design. Space, light and comfort are in plethora here.

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Property Details:


This 3-bedroom, 1-bath apartment is conveniently located 1-block to Bloomsburg University. You can see the University from your front porch. The downstairs of 546 is open and super spacious making time enjoying friends easy and functional. Upstairs are the 3 bedrooms and the full bathroom. There are two back porches, one off of the kitchen and one off of the second floor bedroom which can be utilized in the warmer months. 546 has a good sized back yard and side yard for outside activities. Space is in surplus at this location. Each bedroom comes with a full bed and dresser and on-street parking for each tenant is available at this location.


Number of Bedrooms: 3

Number of Bathrooms: 1

Property Type: Double House

Blocks to Campus: 1 block

Student Capacity: 3

Type of Heating: Gas

Additional Features: Washer and Dryer, Permitted Parking

Furnishings: Bed/Dresser

Property Location:

546 East 3rd Street, Bloomsburg, PA, USA

Interested in this Rental?

Call or Text Nikki Morucci for any questions – (570) 854 2301
7 Days a Week, and anytime before 10 PM!
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