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Lease Agreement & Forms

Morucci Realty is the leading off-campus housing provider for Bloomsburg University undergrad and graduate students. With 25 years of experience in student housing, Morucci Realty and its Bloomsburg native employees have the knowledge to provide its tenants with a one-of-a-kind experience.


Offering a wide array of floor plans, locations, furnishing options, and off-street parking, Morucci Realty is a one-stop shop of sorts. From our family to yours, we extend a warm welcome to the Bloomsburg area and hope you enjoy living here.

Call or Text Nikki Morucci for an Appointment – (570) 854 2301
7 Days a Week, and anytime before 10 PM!

Please download and/or open and print the PDF forms below to lease one of Morucci Realty’s properties:

  • Do you work with students who use student loans or financial aid?
    YES! We work with you on waiting for your loans/financial aid. If you sign with us, we send out a Welcome Letter towards the end of May. It will provide the details of your lease and get you ready for move in towards the end of summer. It will ask that you either pay rent in full, begin monthly payments or provide proof of loans/financial aid by July 1. This can be an email confirmation on loan approval, a screenshot of your loans account or something showing your loans were submitted and processed successfully. Proof shall be emailed to and must show your name. Rent and monthly payments are either mailed in or paid electronically. There is more info on this is below.
  • How much is the security deposit?
    $400 for undergrad students, $350 for graduate students.
  • How do we make payments like security deposit/rent?
    We recommend using the Rent Payment App on our website. If you link a bank account there is no charge to you. To find the app on our website you would go to— Info Tab— Pay your Rent— Rent Payment App. If you are paying the deposit you will use the Security Deposit option. For all other payments in the future you will use the “Rent” option. When you go to search your property just type the numerical letters and then it will autofill for you. You can also mail checks to Michael Morucci @ 151 E. Ridge Avenue Bloomsburg, PA 17815.
  • Do all students on lease turn in a notarized parental guarantee form?
    Yes. We require all students on the lease turn in notarized parental guarantee forms within 2 weeks of signing the lease. They help individualize the financial rental payment portion of the lease and works as a protective measure if someone drops out of the lease in your group. This form can be found on our website — Lease Agreement & Forms.
  • If we sign a lease, when do we move in?
    If an earlier move in is needed, we will denote that in the “Exceptions” part of your lease when we sign together. I can almost always provide early move in’s when confirmed at time of lease signing. Otherwise, move in is the the Friday- Saturday- Sunday prior to school start on Monday! Often, too, I allow earlier move in’s during summer as the schedule allows. I enjoy letting students move in early if it is possible. We communicate these things during the summer within the group chat. I keep you highly informed.
  • How do we communicate with you during the year? Like with maintenance requests, general questions or off-street parking issues.
    At time of lease signing, all members of lease are placed in a group text with me. This is how I communicate with everyone post signing and how you can communicate with me. All questions or maintenance requests are texted through there. If parents want to be involved, they can be in group chat too; just add them in! At time of signing, I place the lease in the group text. I also link the parental guarantee form and instructions on getting those back to me. The group text is amazing and helps makes everything organized and clear. You always communicate directly we me, Nikki. I inform you of maintenance timing and everything should be very straightforward within the text.
  • Is snow removal and lawn care included?
    Yes, snow removal and lawn care are included in your lease at no additional charge to you.
  • If utilities aren’t included, what is the average cost?
    Because the utility cost is a range dependent on usage, I feel that between $800-$1,300/student/year would be an average estimate on all utility costs. I came to these averages on what’s been provided to me by past and current tenants as well as my personal experience in my home.
  • What if we want to re-sign for the following year?
    Students who re-sign for a consecutive year, are allowed to store their things over the summer @ no cost. We only ask that water and electric stay ON and bedroom doors stay UNLOCKED for the duration of the summer as the town does multiple inspections and will need access to water, electric and rooms. Also, the apartment is yours over winter break and everything can stay as is but heat must be kept ON and @ 67* or above to prevent pipes from freezing. Damage from frozen pipes is costly and a mess but we will keep you informed as you prepare to leave for winter break. In addition, you are allowed to live in your apartment over winter break if you’d like. The apartment is yours through this time period.
  • Do you have any more questions or would you like a more in-depth look @ what living off-campus is like with us?
    I recommend you visit our website and read over our Move-In Guide. This is a required read prior to moving in in August and was personally put together by me to answer a lot of questions I get and provide clarity to information since there is a lot of it! To visit, go to — Info— Move In/ Move Out Guide— Select the Move-In Guide. This is not required to be read until you are prepping to move in but for those looking to gather more information, it may be very helpful! I am also almost always available by cell @ 570 854 2301 and would love to answers any more questions.
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